(b. 1988)

Pianist focused on contemporary and experimental music. She studied in Barcelona (Esmuc and UB), Madrid and Basel-Hochschule für Musik. She is  currently a PhD student in the UdG.


Her career has many different interests: contemporary and experimental music, artistic research or sound performance and creation. She is a member of Container Ensemble (Basel) and also develops some scenic-performance works such as KEY CLICK or MANUAL-Hands as Instruments.


She has performed in festivals such as: Lauenburg Kunstlerhaus (Germany), Gare du Nord, Klang Basel (Basel, Switzerland), Basel Stadt Casino o Bern Dampfzentrale, WIM Zürich, EMA Festival (Madrid), FIME Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Festival Cervantino (Mexico), Generate Festival (Germany), Festival Vang (Madrid), Festival Mixtur (Barcelona), Festival Ensems (Valencia),  Cafe OTO (London), MACBA-Sonar+D (Barcelona), among others.